As a broadcaster are you...

  • Successfully launching new services?
  • Successfully transitioning Channels to new service providers?
  • Delivering media for broadcast in the most efficient way?
  • Looking to reduce costs and increase output?
  • Invoking service availability clauses too frequently?
  • Deploying Operational Best Practices?
  • Evaluating future technology strategy?

How can we help

  • Provide an independent and unbiased view on your operational effectiveness.
  • Analyse your service providers operational effectiveness.
  • Review your internal media processes and procedures.
  • Evaluate your current technology and recommend any changes or upgrades.
  • Engage with your media suppliers and document feedback.
  • Work with you to develop focused operational and technology improvement plans.
  • Review and develop key performance indicators
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Is your service provider delivering the service you need? Are they…

  • Conforming to IT Security standards ISO 27001?
  • Deploying efficient workflows for all your content?
  • Effectively meeting your business requirements?
  • Not meeting service availability targets?
  • Effectively managing systems suppliers from procurement to in-service? Recruiting/retaining the correct caliber of operational staff for your services?
  • Recruiting/retaining the correct caliber of operational staff for your services?

How we can help

  • Provide an independent review of operational effectiveness for your services.
  • Audit security standards and workflow efficiency.
  • Provide an independent evaluation of the technology platforms and implementations.
  • Analyse service availability data for causes to service interruptions on your channels.
  • Review their effectiveness when dealing with system/platform supplier issues
  • Review their staffing and performance levels
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