Need advice or general business improvement support?

If you have a particularly challenging issue that needs expert intervention then we can help.

The types of challenging problems we help our clients with range from operational performance issues to unlocking potential for business growth.  We are different from general consultancies as we are focused on teleport operators, broadcasters and service providers. This means we probably have direct experience of solving similar problems with other companies in your sector. The value we bring our clients is extensive industry specific experience and knowledge – available on tap.

Here’s some examples situations we are asked to help with:

  • Operational performance
  • Security concerns
  • Service management system implementation
  • Training
  • Individual or team performance
  • Supplier issues
  • Customer challenges
  • Leadership coaching
  • Technology Challenges

Benefits we bring to our clients

  • Expertise in teleport operations, broadcasters and service providers – although every client situation is different, we’ve probably solved similar problems in other settings.
  • Sector specific toolkit of solutions that can tackle the most common challenges: our toolkit is specifically designed to address common issues for teleport operators, broadcasters and service providers
  • We are often available for consultancy at short notice, and if we aren’t we can usually help point you in the right direction
  • With HawkCX you get an objective opinion from outside – this enables us to see the wood for the trees and at the same time empathise with challenges due to our sector specific experience

Can HawkCX help you?

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