What is CTO as a Service?

CTO as a Service is a flexible technical and operational consultancy service that is available as and when you need it. The service is provided by broadcast and media professionals with a broad range of specialist skills. HawkCX provides the consultants ‘on demand’ to tackle operational challenges, technical problems or projects when required. Examples include:

  • Development of new products or services requiring the specification and implementation of technical solutions and operating models.
  • Platform commercial negotiations and on-going management.
  • Interim leadership during permanent CTO or technical/operational leader’s absence.
  • Finding solutions for technical problems (e.g. service failures, subtitle delivery issues) that are affecting our client’s financial returns or reputation.
  • Focus on specific technology or service areas. This may include e.g., operational improvement analysis, new technology trials, and efficiency improvements
  • Support for merger & acquisition activities.
  • Specification and management of technology upgrades
  • Negotiation and management of third party service providers

What are the benefits of CTO as a Service?

  • Clients get access to specialist expert advice across a range of specialist consultants.
  • Our consultants offer best practice and the latest thinking in their specialist area.
  • Our consultants offer objective, independent advice.
  • Clients only pay for what they use.

Why would Clients need CTO as a Service?

Clients use CTO as a Service when they don’t have access to their own technical/operational specialists, or they would like access to an independent specialist, or they need additional capacity for new projects.

When would Clients use CTO as a Service?

Clients would use this service at any time they have a technical or operational challenge and they don’t have access to the relevant experienced professionals.

What would CTO as a service look like in practice?

Once arranged your consultant would work as and when required. This could range from one day per week or month to being full-time depending on your challenge.

How do you access CTO as a Service?

Just contact HawkCX to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements and we’ll set you up with your CTO as soon as we can. 

How much does CTO as a Service cost?

We are flexible on our pricing and charge daily rates or retainer models to suit our clients’ requirements.

Can HawkCX help you?

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