What is Improve360?

Improve360 is a programme specifically designed to improve service delivery and reduce costs. It generally follows a HawkCX Audit360 which is designed to find opportunities to improve service and reduce costs. Improve360 uses the output and findings of the Audit360 to define and deliver service improvements and cost savings. These improvements may be required to address short-comings in customer engagement, communication, processes, information systems or skills and knowledge. The goal of Improve360 is to raise service delivery performance and to reduce costs to help a company become more competitive.

An Improve360 programme can focus on a single customer’s services and it can also be designed to improve service delivery across a whole facility or department. It can also be used to unlock hidden value by reducing expenditure whilst maintaining service quality.

Why use Improve360?

Many companies find it difficult to deliver great service and many more find it harder to do so cost-effectively. Throwing money at a problem is easy, but combining excellent service with cost-efficient delivery is much harder. Furthermore customers are increasingly demanding better service at lower prices. This is why companies are forever looking for ways to deliver service excellence and lower costs

By delivering a compelling Customer Experience, companies can also increase profits by reducing customer churn and improving retention.

When service deteriorates, operational issues significantly impact the customer experience and can seriously affect a company’s health with considerable impact on the bottom line with the following consequences:

  • Lower advertising and subscription revenues;
  • Non-renewal of customer contracts;
  • Loss of viewers, listeners or end-users;
  • Higher costs due to service credits and service recovery actions;
  • Loss of reputation with customers and the wider industry.

In an ideal world service delivery would be gold-plated – there would be no need to worry about costs and service teams could focus purely on delivering excellent service. Unfortunately this isn’t realistic and cost reduction is increasingly on companies’ agendas, right alongside service excellence. This is why HawkCX has developed Improve360 – to help its clients achieve service excellence and at the same time reduce costs.

How does Improve360 work?

By thoroughly reviewing the resources and activities used to deliver your customers’ services, and their costs, we build a full understanding of the ingredients (i.e. inputs) that are used to deliver service. We then look at the output of service delivery by reviewing service performance data, equipment performance and customer feedback.

This provides a complete picture of the “inputs and outputs”. We use our knowledge, experience and HawkCX toolkit to implement service improvements and cost savings.

When would you use Improve360?

Improve360 will often be used after an audit has found areas for improvement or cost savings. Improve360 can also be used if you want to raise your game ahead of a customer contract renewal.

Improve360 could also be used under the following circumstances:

  • Customer complaints or new customer experience programme
  • Significant outages perhaps unexplained or continuing
  • Customer survey indicates unhappy customers about to defect
  • Need to cut costs
  • Integration of companies or operational facilities
  • Supplier operational issues

What does Improve360 cover?

A Improve360 covers all aspects of service delivery including the following

  • processes for managing the service;
  • people skills and training needs;
  • system health and maintenance regimes;
  • communication, reporting  and escalation;
  • back-up systems, information systems and business continuity;
  • cost reductions.

The size of the Improve360 programme and timescale will depend on the complexity, size of facility, number of services and size of business.

What is involved in implementing Improve360?

Improve360 is developed to deliver the improvements identified by Audit360. The programme generally consists of the following elements:

Definition of programme including goals, roles, responsibilities, scope, goals, budget and timescale. At this stage the financial benefits from the programme need to be clearly defined and understood – usually in terms of expected cost savings. In addition a gap analysis will often be used to clarify the current state (in terms of service quality, customer satisfaction etc.) and the desired future state.

Improve360 core elements:

    1. Service improvements: overall range of service improvements to be implemented, impact on in-scope, capabilities, process and information systems.
    2. Process improvement: plans, scope and methodology together with effectiveness benchmarking (as-is and future). For example problem management processes may need to be improved to speed up trouble shooting and repair of systems to increase system availability.
    3. Capabilities: this would include skills and knowledge for managing the services, equipment, and infrastructure, possibly through restructuring teams, recruitment, training, new ways of working or implementing additional support tools.
    4. Information Systems: improvements may include replacing existing legacy systems, improving data management in systems, or broadening system access to increase responsiveness to faults.
    5. Technical systems and infrastructure operation and maintenance: this would include
    6. Communications: focuses on customer, supplier and internal communications and includes quality and responsiveness, improved key performance indicators
    7. Suppliers: implement new supplier processes, improved transparency, new information systems, procurement programme
    8. Cost reductions: implement cost reductions covering the key elements such as employee and related costs, maintenance costs, supplier contract, non-contract costs, support tool costs.

Reporting: throughout the programme we will work closely with our client, using regular reporting to ensure a steady flow of helpful information and in particular there are no surprises. The programme will conclude when all agreed elements have been implemented and the originally defined benefits have been realised.

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