What is Security360?

Broadcasters and service providers are becoming increasingly targeted by hackers who can disrupt business, steal assets, interrupt live playout and hold organisations to ransom.

Security360 is a broadcaster specific framework designed to evaluate the cybersecurity defences of your organisation an answer the following questions:

  • How do I know what the cyber threats are to my business?
  • Where are the security weaknesses in my organisation?
  • What security capabilities should I invest in?

We provide tools and services to address any issues raised by the evaluation to ensure your organisation is resilient both now and in the future.

Security360 can be standalone, one of the steps associated with the HawkCX Audit360 Operational Health Check Process, or a component of HawkCX’s Improve360 Integrated Service Improvement.

How does Security360 protect my organisation?

Security360 will identify cybersecurity risk and weakness in your organisation’s security capability.

We will interview key staff in your organisation and review your current security defences; from that, we will align your current security capability against our Security360 security framework.

This framework will show how you are matched against peer organisations and also show key weaknesses in your defence; from this, you will be able to:

  • Identify key risks from cyber weaknesses
  • Prioritise remediation of current weaknesses
  • Select the right investment strategy for future cyber-defences

Why use HawkCX?

Our specialist security partners have an extensive background in broadcasting and also decades of experience from operating in finance and government sectors where cyber resilience has been at the forefront of business practice.

Can HawkCX help you?

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