Maximise service availability

The demand for responsive service delivery across multiple systems using terrestrial and satellite partners means achieving superior service availability is tough for today’s teleports.

How we can help

A useful first step to improve service availability is an operational audit. Audit360 is a complete review of an teleport operation covering technical, operational and people. It delivers answers quickly and efficiently by asking a framework of questions across key areas of operational effectiveness. Audit360 often leads to improvement plans covering process, systems and employee engagement.

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Control Costs

The competitive pressures on teleports coupled with the high cost of space segment, maintaining legacy infrastructure and increasing staff costs creates cost challenges for today’s teleports.

How we can help

If cost-cutting is tough, cost-cutting without impacting service and morale is much tougher. This needs experience and knowledge to understand the options. HawkCX partners have many years’ experience of cost reduction programmes. Done well, a cost reduction can result in a competitive, lean, agile teleport. Done badly it can result in a downturn of fortunes, with the loss of key customers and staff.

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Recruit and retain the best

In a world of mobile workers and high growth in technology sector attracting and retaining quality teleport engineers and operators is hard –  only made harder by the additional demands of 24×7 working, remote locations and the high cost of training.

How we can help

Whilst every teleport is unique when it comes to employee morale four common areas matter the most: basic conditions, collaboration, career potential and company purpose. To improve employee morale HawkCX focuses on these areas and their underlying enablers.  Richard Branson said ‘look after your staff and they will look after your customers’. Never a truer word spoken.

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From Hawk Eye

Teleport consolidation

The falling cost of satellite capacity and fibre and the increased efficiency of ground segment equipment combine to create opportunities for consolidation. Coupled with the drive for global presence our prediction is there will be fewer teleports over the next five years, not more.

How we can help

Merging or closing teleports is challenging and requires focus on customers, service management, employees, infrastructure and information systems. It’s high profile and something teleport owners need to get right first time or risk reputational damage. That’s how we can help – having managed the purchase, consolidation and disposal of teleports in UK, Europe and US our knowledge and experience is second to none.

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