What is Training360?

Training360 is HawkCX’s framework designed to discover the training needs of clients, help improve services & productivity, reduce service outages, and to maximize value.

Training360 can be standalone, one of the steps associated with the HawkCX Audit360 Operational Health Check Process, or a component of HawkCX’s Improve360 Integrated Service Improvement.

Why would I need to use a training framework?

There are a number of indicators pointing to the need for a training framework. These can include:

  • Where frequently occurring operational incidents are unresolved within an acceptable time period;
  • Customer complaints that may imply a lack of operational knowledge;
  • Operations staff don’t feel knowledgeable enough to resolve many of the incidents and are calling on second or third line staff, or other external support too frequently;
  • Following the introduction of new technologies or workflows.
  • Root Cause Analysis points to human error as a recurring cause of operational incidents.

How does Training360 help improve service and maximize value?

By ensuring the staff at the sharp-end of an operation feel equipped to handle the majority of issue resolution a company can achieve success in several important areas:

  • Prompt resolution to service delivery issues, leading to an enhanced customer experience;
  • Enhancements to staff confidence and motivation;
  • A reduction in the call on external support resources, reducing dependency on what may be a small number of expensive experts; leading to a reduction in costs and time/effort;
  • An improved reputation with customers and in the wider industry.

What does Training360 cover, and what is involved?

Training360 is tailored around each customers particular needs. Key to this is a clear understanding of a client’s requirements and the desired outcomes, the key performance indicators and how success is measured.

The framework may include:

  • A review of the relevant operational processes, KPIs, workflows and the deployed technology;
  • An assessment of operational log information, issue and problem resolution, and the number of related service interruptions;
  • The root cause analyses related to the operational issues;
  • Support structure and documentation;
  • Staff skills and capabilities, an understanding of knowledge gaps and key dependencies;
  • The design and delivery of a tailored training programme. This should include the augmentation of existing support procedures and will most likely involve known technical experts to provide training in key areas;
  • A subsequent review to assess the effectiveness of the training programme;
  • An optional “train the trainers” approach to ensure that expertise is retained within the client’s organisation.

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HawkCX deploys its experience and expertise to help broadcasters and service providers improve their services and reduce costs. The HawkCX Training360 framework is designed to discover the training needs of our customers, to aid them improve service & productivity, and to reduce outages & costs.  The framework can be standalone or one of the steps associated with the HawkCX Audit360 Operational Health Check Process or as part of HawkCX’s Improve360 Integrated Service Improvement.


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